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    Dr. Sissi Liu is a painter (under the pseudonym of Lusi Erling 鹿寺二昤), composer, jewelry designer, and design and performance scholar. As a composer-lyricist and dramaturg, her work has been seen at the Carnegie Hall, Joe's Pub, the Juilliard School, Times Square Alliance, etc. Dr. Liu is a Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) certified designer. Her scholarly articles appear in leading peer-reviewed journals such as Theatre Topics and Performance Research. She holds a PhD in Theatre and Performance from The Graduate Center, City University of New York, and a Doctoral Certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (a.k.a. Digital Studies). She has taught at CUNY colleges and Brown University. Dr. Liu was a 2023-2024 Visitor at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ. Her book, Designturgy: The Drama of Design, will be published by Bloomsbury. Her paintings have been acquired by private collectors in the US.


    The Personal Version
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    An artist and scholar with an unflagging spirit of inquiry, Sissi is excited by, and draws connections among, wide ranging disciplines from rocket science to fragrance chemistry of trees to Song Dynasty Chinese paintings and ceramics


    She fights for the human race, and is compassionate toward those who cannot fight for themselves: the four-legged, the one-legged, the legless. She donates a percentage of all proceeds from the sale of her work to wildlife and plantation conservation.


    She has volunteered in non-governmental organizations to end world poverty and schools for children with disabilities.  


    She is a queer Asian who is working everyday to make the world a more equitable and habitable place.

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